About Me

My journey to becoming a cinephile began with one particular film. Growing up, I’ve seen the staples of any kid in the 2000s with Pixar and a healthy dose of Shrek. This one particular film found its way in my family’s DVD player from a trip to the local library. My mother randomly picked it out and I had no idea of its contents. We started watching it and I was dazzled by the story and how it was inspirational, scary, and adventurous all at once. As it got the end of the story, young Josh was not aware that it was only one film within a trilogy. I instantly became obsessed. That film was The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. It showed me the craft behind filmmaking and the different pieces that can put together an epic tale.  

College then started my dive into viewing films in an interpretative lens with my discovery of the works of Hitchcock, Kubrick, Kurosawa, Bergman, Sciamma, and many others. It further expanded my love of films from the silent era to the modern blockbusters. 

This has all led to now, where this site sits in my life. I often share my film opinions with those that care enough to hear it. Following the works of other critics inspired me to write down my own thoughts and analysis of the films I adore. I set up a free blog and started writing some reviews and it served as a capsule for my thoughts, but others who I respect unpromptedly mentioned that I should establish something legitimate. I’ve heard that feedback from enough people that I decided to go for it. 

So here we are at Films with Josh where I have reviews of new releases, but I’ll also be doing reviews for all of the films I’ve ever seen. It will take a bit for every film to have a review and will probably never be completed, which will keep me with a goal I look forward to never reaching. Any film without a hyperlink to it within the pages of the site is a film I have seen and will eventually have a review for. Read away and leave any comments in my reviews. I would love to have any discussion, as these reviews are simply my opinion. 

Get in touch with any of my social media platforms if you want a specific review up, as I’m working my way through my personal library in alphabetical order. It will take a while until I get to Rushmore

My rating system:

[5/5] – Masterpiece/I love with all of my soul

[4.5/5] – Amazing

[4/5] – Great

[3.5/5] – Good

[3/5] – Fine

[2.5/5] – Mixed

[2/5] – No, thanks

[1.5/5] – Bad

[1/5] – Terrible

[0.5/5] – Waste of time

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